About the artist
Albina is a modern painter, her artistic journey started in childhood. Already then she took notice of the beauty of our world, and with the passing of time this quality only deepened. The desire to immortalize this beauty and share it with her surroundings flowed into painting pictures full of feeling. Put down on canvas, the emotions became ever stronger, the craft more refined. And so, a penchant from childhood formed into something bigger than the simple portrayal of reality. Albina seeks and finds inspiration in life itself, in its oppositions and inconstancy. The painter’s canvas enchants each of us with its energy and emotional affect. It is the story of the artist’s life; they are experiences acquired; it is a feeling felt; it is the inconstancy of life, expressed on canvas. Within them we find a life which reverberates in each of us.

Artistic direction
The artistic style of the pictures might be descrbied as an expressionistic romanticism with elements of abstraction under the influence of Orphism. The subject of nature found in the pictures is no coincidence. Life is an constant change of periods and an unending string of events. Nature in this context represents a metaphoric symbol of inconstancy. The predominant representation of clouds on the canvases most precisely chatacterizes the artisitc direction of the author and speaks to the personality of the artist herself. Here, clouds symbolize all manner of one’s own feelings – airy and wooly, nearly invisible or stormy. With a colorful palette, the artist plays with the atmosphere of the canvases, all the while unafraid of expressing her own feelings.

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